It has been brought to our attention that our name is being used attached to a scam.  We were made aware of this  scam this morning by a business.   A man claiming to be with Mix 94.1 has been soliciting sponsorships for the Race for the Cure.  I will be the first to tell you that we do not have anyone soliciting sponsorships from Mix 94.1 for Race for the Cure. After hearing about this we called the Komen Amarillo office just to make sure it wasn't one of their people raising money for their amazing Race for the Cure coming up September 24th, they said that they didn't know anything about it either.  Lisa Davis, with Komen Amarillo said that they are no longer contact companies for sponsorships for this event and are now starting the registration process for the race.

After doing some research, I love Google!,  this is a scam.  I looked up the phone number and apparently these people are scamming people all over the country using non-profit events and radio stations to scam businesses out of their money.

This phone number is attached to a company called, Clear Media Accounting. However, researching using the internet I cannot find a website for Clear Media Accounting, and we could not get anyone to return our phone calls.

We at Mix 94.1 wanted to make you aware that we are not soliciting sponsorships for Race for the Cure.  The committee members from Komen Amarillo and Race for the Cure would be contacting your company locally.

So please be aware of people calling you and asking you for sponsorship money for a upcoming event who have a toll free number and are claiming to be from our radio station.

Here are some tips to avoid phone scams.