Gretchen Lynn Kinnear was arrested after reports that the South Carolina woman was giving her 4-year-old son shots of beer while at the bar on Saturday night.

She is currently facing negligence charges for the offense as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A man at the bar said that he witnessed the woman giving the boy 3-4 shots of beer and this was after he had asked the owner and barstaff to stop her.

When confronted by investigators, Kinnear admitted to giving the boy shots of ‘blonde beer’. The child involved described the beverage that his mother was giving him as ‘tea’. He said that the ‘tea’ “tasted funny, made him laugh a lot, and made him dizzy.”

The boy also said that his mother gives him ‘tea’ at home. When confronted about this claim, the woman admitted that she will occasionally drink wine at home and give him some as well.

There are no details as to why the woman does this, but she says that she does not do it to get him drunk or to keep him quiet.