The Stress of Buying School Supplies
Let's face it back to school is a stressful time.  Either your child is stressed about starting school, or they are ready to go back.  You may be stressed because your baby is about to start kindergarten, middle school, high school or their senior year.  Those are stressful milestones.  Don't even g…
Back to School Safety Tips
Can you believe that we are 2 1/2 weeks away from Back to School?  That means back into routines, early bed times, early wake ups, homework, and more.  It also means that around school zones and neighborhoods, we need to start paying attention and being mindful of our environment.  He…
Bring Your Family Out to ‘Family Fun Movie Night’ at DHDC
Family Fun Movie Night
We are planning a family celebration and we want YOU there! Bring the kids out for games, adventure, delicious food, and a movie in the park. What better way to get some family time in on a Saturday night?
Come out to the discovery center at 5 pm to play and learn in the feature…

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