april fools

The Ultimate Pixar Easter Egg (for April Fools’ Day)
People love to speculate about Pixar movies. There’s even a whole “Pixar Theory” about how every movie exists in the same shared universe (one with humans and talking toys and talking ants and a gigantic menagerie of horrors when you think about it). Then there are the famous Pi…
Top 5 April Fools Day Pranks To ‘Get’ Your Kids [VIDEO]
It's April Fools Day!! Time to get your 'prank on.'
Nothing's more fun than pranking your kiddo. Below are 5 fun and harmless pranks that will get your kid every-time. If these are to your liking, then check out the video above. You will think twice about eating a batch of Oreos a…
7 Great April Fool’s Day Pranks on the Internet
It's April Fool's Day today (no, seriously!), which in recent years has morphed into God's gift to the Internet.
Today, sites everywhere are doing their best to prank unsuspecting users, and we'll be the first to admit that we've fallen for a few of them. (Thanks, Google!)
As such, we've pulled togeth…