black friday

The Funniest Black Friday Memes
It's Black Friday, and you know what that means -- hiding in your home away from the world while people desperately claw at each other's faces to buy a Wii U for their kid. The madness is not for everybody. Some of us like to eat cold turkey all day and wonder how a person could be so hungover. For …
How to Shop Black Friday [VIDEOS]
I am not a Black Friday Shopper.  The only time I shopped Black Friday was 6 years ago and that is because I was wanting a new washer and dryer.  So I'm not the person to be giving awesome tips on Black Friday Shopping, so I found some great how to videos.
Your Official Guide to When Stores Will Open on Black Friday
There is hardly any such thing as Black Friday anymore. With numerous retailers, like Walmart, opening their doors to holiday bargain addicts as early as 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, other retailers must now either join the circus or risk missing out on frantic buyers with turkey hangovers and itchy…
A Materialistic Christmas
A question that keeps running through my head and has been since Friday, is "when did Christmas become so materialistic?"  When did the true meaning just disappear and turn into fighting over who could get the maximum number of  the latest gadget.