Delays and Closures Due To Snow
Because of snow and ice, there will be highway and business closures around Amarillo today, December 28th, 2015.
Although Amarillo was prepared for a much bigger snowstorm than what we got this weekend, the roads are still icy and dangerous in some areas...
Mommy Blogger Caroline S. – Cabin Fever
What a weird week with the weather bringing in that bipolar blizzard, then today its was mostly on the sunny side in the upper 60’s? I’m getting whiplash, Amarillo.
But besides the weather, it was a weird week for me, emotionally.
Send Us Your Texas Panhandle Blizzard Photos
Yes, it is cold outside.  Yes the snow is blowing like crazy.  I could barely open my front door.  My child is wanting to go outside and play and well, it isn't happening, yet.  So we all know this weather is crazy, and I'm curious, what does it look like in your neck o…