Quick Christmas Candy: Candy Cane Pops
If you need a quick easy candy gift idea I have it for you.  Whether you just want to treat your co-workers to something sweet or you need something for your child's class then these candy cane pops are quick and easy to make.
How to Make Christmas Crack
Here's a delicious recipe for an awesome Christmas candy.  It's Christmas Crack.  Let me tell you it makes a lot.  However, it won't last.  We had people up here at the office stealing it from other people because it is that good.
How To Make A Candy Sleigh For Christmas Parties
Christmas is next week so that means school parties!  I only have one child so I am kind of new to the party scene, lol.  But I have been looking up all kinds of cool stuff on Pintrest. I've been trying them out to see what was easy enough to do and looked cool.  I found a candy …
What’s the Best and Worst Halloween Candy?
Halloween is coming up on Thursday and I'll admit that I do pilfer my kid's candy.  I always ask before I take a piece and most of the time he will come up and ask me if I would like some.  I always, always, always pick the chocolate.   However, when I think about it, s…
5 Fun Facts About PEZ

Growing up as a child I always remembered loving PEZ candies. To be honest, I STILL love PEZ candies. Thank goodness I never became a collector of these little pieces of plastic that dispensed sweet treats. I'm sure I would have gone broke if I had.
The word PEZ is taken from pfefferminz, which is Ge…

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