Clovis Daycare Faces Lawsuit After Child Injured
When we send our children to day care or a license day care facility we expect them to be well taken care of and kept safe. That's not the case in this incident, due to the irresponsibility of adults a child was injured and now a Clovis daycare is being sued.
Free Day of Dental Care for Amarillo Kids
We all know how important our teeth are to us.  We all know that dental hygeine is important, and even more important for our kids, but unfortunately not everyone can afford to go to the dentist.  That's why Kool Smiles is having a free day of dental care for children.
My Son Learned a Lesson in Kindness for His Birthday
On Saturday, we celebrated my son's 9th birthday.  Nine years, it doesn't seem like that is possible.  We had a fun little birthday for him at one of our local donut places.  It was a fun party, however, that fun party turned into a very teachable moment of kindness.

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