How Do you Get a Kid To Do Chores Without a Fight?
So I find myself with a problem.  A problem with chores.  As you know, I have an 8-year old boy named Ethan.  He's a good kid however we have a big problem in our home and that is chores.  It's like pulling teeth when it comes to get him to do his chores.  I have t…
APD Locates Vehicle Involved in Child Abduction Case
After an attempted child abduction May 20 by a man in a white 1990 Chevorlet pickup, the Amarillo Police Department located both the vehicle and the man involved in the incident.
Detectives from the APD interviewed the man, a balding Hispanic male, and the investigation is ongoing...
Princess Wand Shows Picture of A Girl Slitting Her Wrists
How many times have you been in a dollar store with your kids and they ask for a toy.  Do you usually buy it? I mean it is only a $1.  Well one mother bought her daughter a princess wand at a dollar store but when her daughter removed the sticker it revealed something disturbing.
Preparing The Kids for Back to School
Nobody wants to think about getting the kids ready for Back to School, but unfortunately it is sneaking up on us at a fast pace.  Yes we still have almost a month of summer, but school officially starts on Monday, August 25th.  That's why it is important to start thinking about getting the kids back…

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