There is a toy on the market called Bunchems!  It's a fun toy created by Spin Master. However, you have to be careful with this toy because it could cause huge problems if it gets into your child's hair.

To the credit of the company, the box does state not to put them in your hair, but you know kids. Some parents have had to resort to cutting their kids hair off just to get the toy out.

Amazon User Ethan Benoit said:

Horrible, horrible, horrible toy for kids. I just spent the last TWO AND A HALF hours (absolutley, 100 percent not an exaggeration) attempting to remove 14 of these bastard balls out of my daughter's hair. Buy this toy for someone if you hate them or their child. They are the most incredible choking hazards on the planet. They bring pain and misery, tears, fighting, broken and ripped hair, and questions of one's sanity in handling life in general. I can't feel my arms now after attempting to pull this spawn from hell "toy" that matted itself into her hair like nothing ever witnessed before. The photo is her hair with conditioner coating the balls in what proved to be an almost fruitless effort to exract the evil. If you wish to proceed, good luck.

This review came from another Amazon customer:

I am a hairstylist and spent a total of 4 hours removing these from a little girls hair today! She had 45 of them matted into her hair! 4 hours of pain and $200 later ..... Not really worth it!!

Another Amazon Customer reviewed the toy:

We love these! I love toys that let a child's imagination run. I brought these locally a few months ago and they have been a hit ever since.

You can tell by looking at them they would be a nightmare to get out of hair and it does state on the box that they need to be kept away from hair.

It's not a defect of the product that they are getting stuck in hair.

Now what happens if Bunchems! get stuck in your hair? The company has a how to video on to get them out.