Top 5 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate
Today is National Dark Chocolate Day.  I am a fan of dark chocolate.  It's tasty.  Not many people like dark chocolate, but I do.  I think that comes with age because I used to hate it.  So in honor of this day, here are the top reasons to eat dark chocolate.
Is Chocolate Really a Health Food?
For years now, chocolate-lovers around the globe have been attempting to justify their addiction with the dubious claim that chocolate is actually healthy. Well, it’s time to eat your hearts out because the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has backed Barry Callebaut&CloseCu…
A Rare Cocoa Tree That Was Believed To Be Extinct Lives!
Chocolate.  What goes through your mind when you read the word chocolate.  Do you start craving the sweet, milky, deliciousness of it.  Don't hate me
because I said chocolate and I made you crave a piece.  Did you know that pure chocolate is getting harder and harder to come by?  That is because a Co…

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