The Many Voices of O Holy Night [VIDEOS]
Another one of my favorite Christmas songs is O Holy Night.  It is a beautiful song and just makes you feel warm and fuzzy.  Here are the different versions that have been recorded through the years.
Celebrate Christmas in Your Christmas Sweatz [VIDEO]
It may be the mood I am in or the fact I am tired, but I laughed at this video until I had tears in my eyes.  Everybody needs to break out the sweats for Christmas, just make sure you get the reds sweats and he gets the green sweats, then switch them up.  I hope this brings as much laughte…
Mistletoe Survey Prank [VIDEO]
Ah, those clever kids.  A couple of students at Brigham Young University set up a prank, to make it look like they were survey takers.  Some of the questions were do you hang lights?, do you drink eggnog?, and do you play along with the mistletoe.  Most of the answers were yes, and what do you know …

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