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97-Year Old U.S. Veteran Can Still Boogie Down
Last night my son's Boy Scout Troop went to the Veteran's hospital to go caroling.  They were able to meet some amazing men and women who served in the Armed Forces.  My son is a history buff so he was all about meeting these awesome Veterans.  However, on gentlemen heard th…
Wiener Dog Vs. Crab
When it comes to surviving Monday, it is always best to start your day with a funny, feel good video.  Check out this cute video of a dog and crab.
Calming Manatees Will Improve Your Day
Are you having a rough week? Does the fact that it's not Friday yet make you want to ram your face through a plate glass window? Did you spend your morning commute grinding your teeth to keep from telling the person snapping their gum next to you that they don't deserve to be loved? Here, …

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