Favorite Flowers for Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is the busiest day for florists all over the world.  It is the day when practically everyone sends flowers to their sweetheart.  When it comes to Valentine's Day roses seem to be the obvious choice.  Yet, not everyone is gaga over roses. What is your favorite…
Madonna and Hydrangeas [VIDEO]
So last week a video hit the internet of Madonna going off about a hydrangea.  A fan handed her one at a press junket and she said that she hates hydrangeas.  Well the whole thing kind of got blown out of proportion.  So Madonna made a love letter video to hydrangeas.
Five Useful Mother’s Day Gifts
If you really think about it, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to make up for all those times you gave mom a hard time during your youth. After all, a bouquet of daffodils now definitely excuses that time you snuck out of the house at 2 am. And a box of gourmet truffles? The perfect antidote …