good deeds

Watch How Someone Paying for Your Groceries Can Change Your Day
You know it is always amazing to see people pay it forward.  Imagine you were standing in line at the grocery store.  You already know about how much your groceries will add up to be, let's face it, after years of grocery shopping you have learned to judge.  Say you have a huge family and your groce…
Power Rangers Fans Give Young Boy an Inspiring Message
Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do. That’s the message the online community is sending loud and clear to a pre-school student named Kaleb, who arrived home from school the other day with the sign in the photo above indicating he wants to be a Power Ranger when he g…
Heroic Reporter Rescues Stranded Driver
Steve Ryan, a reporter for KTVK, was working on a story about flash floods that hit the Phoenix area on Wednesday when he rushed to the aid of a stranded motorist -- while the cameras rolled. Is he a reporter or Superman?

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