Ask The Expert
How much is an accident tow?
Storage Buildings Tow (13ft to 20ft ): $300.00 Utility Trailer Towing (6-8ft and below): $75.00 mileage: $3.00/mile towed
Private Roadside
(vehicles 10,000 lbs. and under) Tire change: (must have good spare) $65.00 m...
Meet The Expert
Ricky’s Towing was started in March of 1999 by Ricky Cantu. He left a partnership to start a towing company by himself. He was a partner in C&C Towing with his brother Eddie Cantu and Jim Hooks. C&C Towing was founded in 1995 and later sold to a competitor. Ricky&Clos…
Why They’re Unique
"If it is made to move, Ricky’s Towing can tow it for you”

This is the only Towing Company to directly ask the public for their business, and they offer discounts if you request their services. This saves our listeners some money, which benefits our audi…