Xcel Energy is Giving Away Free Electricty
I know, I couldn't believe it either when I read that Xcel is giving away free electricity.  I mean who couldn't use some free electricity especially in the summertime when the AC is running all the time.  So what's the catch?
Jiffy Lube a Perfect Place for an Oil Change in Amarillo
I'm not a big fan of maintenance up keep on my car.  In fact when it comes to anything involving my car I do not like dealing with it.  One of the reasons is a lot of people tend to take advantage of a woman because they don't have a ton of knowledge on the workings of a vehicle.  So when it comes t…
The Amarillo Jingles You Love To Hate – Lori’s Top Picks
You know when I think of Jingles, the tiny little tunes advertisers use to brand their business, I think of the movie Demolition Man, about society in a far future who has a radio station that is nothing but old jingles. Well I started thinking what are some of the local jingles we have all hear…