Are You ‘Settling’ In Your Love Life?
A survey by Siemens Festival Nights reveals that 14% of people are in a relationship with someone they do not consider ''the love of their life''. Read on for other findings.
How Many True Loves Have You Had?
A survey by Häagen-Dazs, the female language interpreter (just kidding, the ice cream), reveals that 47% of women have only ever had one true love. I am not in that 47%.  Are you?
This is True Love and Friendship [VIDEO]
How can you tell if you have true love in your life?  When you can look around and see nothing but friends.  That is exactly what happened to one woman in South Africa who is fighting a battle with cancer.  A group of her friends decided to support her in one of the coolest ways possi…
Single Ladies – Why You Deserve to Wait for Mr. Right
As I driving in this morning, something kept rolling around in my head.  Something that screamed, "hey you need to write about this". I realized that there are a lot of single ladies all over Amarillo, and the world for that matter who just want to be loved and want a companion. Sometimes,…
Does Facebook Make It Harder to Heal a Broken Heart?
Relationship experts often say the fastest and easiest way to get over someone is to make a clean break — essentially erase the person from your consciousness. But with the advent of social media, that’s getting harder and harder to do.
And it seems we’re bringin…

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