Labor Pain Simulation: Yes, Gentlemen Labor Really Does Hurt
You know, how guys always say women over react about everything.  Well, not everything, and yes labor is painful.  Yesterday a video from LiveLeak kept popping up in my Facebook news feed and I finally had a chance to watch it today.  Check out the video of two men going through a lab…
7 Manly Ways To Handle Going Bald
Hair is a powerful thing, a sign of true individualism in many cases. Hair is often one of the first things we notice about someone. But what happens when that confidence maker – that character-creator – decides to leave us? Well, some guys become absolute hermits, get embarrassed or fee…
New Supermarket ‘Man-Aisle’ Stocks ‘Manssentials’
Trudging around the aisles of the huge supermarkets of America, searching for the rare but key items we always require is, quite frankly, a pain in the rear. Then we heard about the perfect solution: The new ‘Man-Aisle’ featured at Westside Market NYC’s sto…
What Do Men Gossip About?
Men sometimes roll their eyes when women gossip, but don’t let them fool you. They do it too — just about different things. And it actually has a positive effect on their friendships.
Why Do Women Perform Better Than Men in Job Interviews?
Jobs interviews are stressful for everyone, but a new study reveals that while women are generally more on edge before meeting with a prospective employer, their interviews went better than those of their male counterparts — mainly because the ladies coped with the stress better.