Miley Cyrus Drops $50k to Lose Weight
Miley Cyrus has always had a body lots of girls would kill for. When she stepped out at the People’s Choice Awards looking extra svelte (seriously, look at that tiny waist!), the world wondered how she did it. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t cheap!
15 TV Theme Songs in a 2-Minute Mash-Up
The Koren Ensemble put together this awesome two-minute video of 15 different TV Theme Songs.   This is an awesome video and they even give you video hints by re-enacting the openings of the shows.
Katy Perry to Take a Year Off From Music to Start Family
Katy Perry is at the top of her game right now and is one of the most beloved females in the pop music fiefdom. While conventional wisdom might dictate that Perry should continue to strike while the iron is blazing hot, the singer is actually planning to take a step away from her music career in ord…

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