10 Tips for Safe Trick or Treating on Halloween
Trick or Treating is a fun activity for any family on Halloween.  Halloween is an opportunity for kids to get dressed up in their favorite character costumes and go from house to house.  Not only that, sometimes its fun for the parents to dress up and go with their kids trick or treating.  However, …
Child Car Seat Checkup is Set for Wednesday
When it comes to the safety of our kids in the car, we want them to be the safest they can be, when traveling.  So if you are not sure that you have your child strapped in correctly or if the seat is properly secure in your car then you will want to stop by the Child Car Seat Checkup.
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – Share the Road
If you notice, the warmer the weather gets the motorcycles you see all over the city.  Sometimes when we are in the safety of our own vehicles, we sometimes miss people on their motorcycles because of blind spots.  May marks the start of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.  The Texas D…
Amarillo Installing Traffic Lights with Flashing Yellow Arrow
The intersection at Hillside and Western received a upgrade to the traffic light recently.  It now features a flashing yellow light.  This is the first intersection that has updated to included a flashing yellow light, and over time it will be included in other traffic lights all across Am…

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