Super Bowl Vs. Commercials Vs. Puppy Bowl [POLL]
We all know the Big Game is coming up this Sunday.  It seems to be the talk of everything.  The guys around here find a reason to talk about it everyday and it is an extended lengthy conversation.  I'm not a football girl, honestly, I could careless.  However, it is a big th…
Great Snack Recipes to Enjoy While Watching the Superbowl
The big game is coming up this weekend and whether you watch it for the football or you watch it for the commercials, one thing is certain, you'll want food.  You will want to have lots of food.  Here are some awesome recipes I found that would be perfect for the game.
Superbowl Snack Recipes With A Twist-Lori’s Top 5
We all know that the big game is coming up on Sunday, February 5th, and it is time to start planning the party. What food goes good with a football game? Wings and Beer? Those are the staples, but if you want to really impress those football fans why not do something a little different...

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