Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and David Letterman Swap Outfits [VIDEO]
Wanting to look his snazziest for his upcoming segment, Tom Hanks interrupted David Letterman during the monologue on Tuesday night’s ‘Late Show’ and asked if they could swap clothing.
“I’m not really feeling great about this outfit,&CloseCu…
Celebrities that Can Juggle
I enjoy watching celebrities that can juggle.  I don't know why I find this fascinating, I just do.  Maybe it's my secret wish to juggle, which I can, just not very well.  Here are a few celebrities that can juggle.
Tom Hanks is a Tiara Dad
Every year Jimmy Kimmel Live does a "Oscar" Show  after the Academy Awards.  It always has some funny skits. This is Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers and Tiaras.