Here’s a Great Place to Visit if You Love Pistachios
Today is National Pistachio Day. I will admit, I love pistachios. I usually have a bag on my desk, in my house, and sometimes even in my car. A few years ago while traveling to Las Cruces, NM, we came a cross an amazing place to visit if you love pistachios.
Palo Duro Canyon Graces The Cover of the State Travel Guide
The new Texas State Travel guide is out. This is the guide you get at any of the travel centers in the state. This is the free guide that tells you all of the sites and events you have to see when you are traveling in Texas. For the first time the Panhandle is being honored on the cover, with a g…
Now You Can Stay In a Barbie Themed Hotel
Just about every little girl had a dream to be just like Barbie.  As long as Barbie has been around little girls have grown up playing with her and her friends.  You would dream that one day you would live in a house just like hers.  Well, it might not be her house, but now you can st…

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