The Great Turkey Drop Benefitting the High Plains Food Bank
No one should go without a turkey on Thanksgiving.  That is why we are teaming up with the High Plains Food Bank for The Great Turkey Drop!  The High Plains Food Bank at this time has no turkeys in their inventory.  They usually purchase turkeys in July and their supplier this year didn't have the s…
Turkey Emergencies: How to Deal With Them
So cooking up a turkey is a wonderful yet scary thing.  Wonderful in the sense that the bird comes out perfect.  Scary in the sense that it turns out to be a total disaster.  So here are a few things to do when that turkey emergency arises on Thursday.
Laughing Turkeys [VIDEO]
Murphy, Sam and Jodi were talking about this video on the show this morning.  It is absolutely hilarious.  A guy in a car starts gobbling at a rafter (yes that is a group of domesticated turkeys) and they gobble back and it sounds like they are laughing.  I'm not sure what is mor…
The Great Turkey Drop Was a Huge Success
A special thank you to each and everyone who donated to the High Plains Food Bank's Great Turkey Drop.  Rick and I had a blast on Friday taking your donations and taking your turkeys.  Because of your generosity you helped us raise
Leftover Turkey Recipes-Lori’s Top 5
We having been gearing up all week for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Dinner. That is awesome, but have you thought about what you are going to do with all that leftover turkey. I know and you know there is always a ton of turkey leftover. I know you will find yourself getting tired of turkey but …
When Turkeys Attack — 10 Terrifying Gobblers [VIDEOS]
Let's face it: turkeys have it pretty rough. They let us feed and breed them, blissfully unaware of the inevitable culmination of our kindness: DELICIOUS MURDER. (Even worse? They can't fly away.) So is it any wonder that they occasionally turn on us?
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