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Top 5 TV Shows for Your Next Binge
Are you a binger?  You know you sit down and watch a season of a TV show in one day.  I find myself in that situation all the time, and I usually end up staying up all night and dragging the next day.  It is addicting, these shows suck you in and you want more.  It's not as if you have to wait a wee…
My Next TV Binge
So I must be behind on my TV viewsing.  I have this habit of always getting into TV shows that get cancelled after one season, and the shows I should get into, that last 7 seasons, I don't watch.  So I have had several people in the last few days give me the "what you don&apo…
Most Anticipated Fall TV Shows – Lori’s Top 5 [POLL]
What can I say.  I like to watch TV.  Not just any TV but really good TV.  I feel as if during the summer there are very few TV shows worth watching.  I am so glad Fall is just around the corner because my favorite shows are coming back.  Though sadly, this will be the last …
Movie Stars Who Got Their Start on TV
These days we love the magic that our favorite Hollywood movie starts bring to the big screen.  However, did you know that a lot of these big time actors got their start in TV.  Here are 10 movie stars that got their start on the small screen.

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