10 Things I Would Do With $10,000
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has sat starring at the ceiling thinking about what I would do if I got a nice wad of cash. Well, you have that opportunity and all it takes is being a VIP.
Everyone Needs A ‘Quiet Place.’ Where Is Yours?
The stress of work and life sometimes can get to the point where you need to just 'take a break' and get away from it all.
Just like Winnie the Pooh had his thinking spot, we should all have a 'quiet place.' That one location where we can just relax, unwind and shut the world out for a bit. It can re…
Glen Rose, Texas: A Fun Vacation Spot for the Family
Over the holiday weekend E. and I went on vacation.  He loves dinosaurs and a friend told me about this place that was full of dinosaurs.  It was in the tiny town of Glen Rose, Texas.  We only went for the day but it would be perfect for a family vacation.  You may ask yourself why would anyone want…

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