valentines day

Favorite Flowers for Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is the busiest day for florists all over the world.  It is the day when practically everyone sends flowers to their sweetheart.  When it comes to Valentine's Day roses seem to be the obvious choice.  Yet, not everyone is gaga over roses. What is your favorite…
10 Cute Dogs Saying ‘I Love You’
There are few things we love more than dogs. Think about it-- they look awfully cute in tutus, sport hoodies like champs and even pull off the whole eyebrow look with ease. Our love for dogs is so strong, in fact, that it's sort of like Honey Boo Boo's passion for Go Go Juice and…
Caption This Picture: Valentine’s Day Edition
So Valentine's Day is in two weeks.   You either love the day, hate the day or could care less either way, but it is the day of love.  So in honor of the day of love I wanted to play a little game.  I ran across the picture below and well it needs a caption.
Mix 94.1’s Cutest Couple Contest
Falling in love is an amazing feeling.  It just makes you feel tingly all over.  Staying is love is something special and amazing.  Every February we get to enjoy a extra special day where we get to share how much we love our person.  Mix 94.1 wants to help you make that day extr…

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