Life Hack Test: Eliminating Granola Bar Crumbs
I love to eat those Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bars.  However, I don't love looking like I rolled in a vat of oats once I'm done eating.  So someone told me about a way to have the granola bar and not worry about the crumbs.  So I decided to test this life hack.
Miracle Treat Day 2014
Miracle Treat Day was so much fun yesterday.  I spent some time yesterday afternoon at the Dairy Queen on I-40 and Washington and when I walked in I saw my friend Graham, a Children's Miracle Network Kiddo!
A Son Buys His Mom the Car of Her Dreams
It never gets old seeing videos that make people happy.  This son bought his mother her dream car and then gave it to her.  He put the whole thing on video.  All I have to say is what a good son, doing something wonderful for his mother.
Shark Comes to Life in Fish Market
Sometimes the most unsuspecting things can happen.  You might be shopping in the store when something happens and you are in shock.  That is exactly what happened to these people in a fish market in London.  They found themselves in a scary situation.
Mix Pet of the Week: Levi
We had a beautiful dog come in this week for the Mix Pet of the Week.  Levi is a basset hound mix and needs a good home.  He is handsome and calm and gives the best kisses.

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