The Taste of Country BBQ Nationals kicks off today on the west side parking lot of Westgate Mall.  I hope you are ready for some delicious BBQ.  When it comes to cooking up BBQ these teams mean business  because it could be a good chunk of prize money for them.My husband Lony loves to grill.  He loves firing up the smoker and throwing a brisket, ribs etc on the grill.  He has competed in a few competitions but he does it for fun.

Most of these teams who compete spend years making the perfect rub or marinades for their meats.  They spend their free time practicing to make the perfect piece of meat.

Brisket-this piece of meat can be delicious to eat if one knows how to cook it.  My favorite type of brisket is smoked brisket.  I love it when it falls a part.  when you are sampling brisket at the Taste of Country BBQ Nationals take a look at it before you eat it.  A good piece of brisket will have a distinct smoke ring around the outer layer.

Ribs-Pork ribs are my favorite.  I love the smoke flavor of a rib falling off the bone.  The smoky flavor expoldes in your mouth with every bite.  Personally I like the ribs that are smoked with a rub rather than covered in sauce.

Chicken-it can be cooked up in may ways but my personal favorite is a beer butt chicken.  What they do is take a can of beer (or it can be your favorite soda) and sit the chicken down over it and throw it on the grill or smoker.  As it cooks the beer starts to steam into the chicken and flavors the meat.  Once done you have a tender tasty moist piece of chicken.

Pork-Tenderloin is my favorite when it comes to the pork products.  You can cook up pork tenderloins in many ways.  But again, I like mine with a good spiced rub and then smoked for hours.

Come on out to the Taste of Country BBQ and experience all these delicious meats for yourself.  Each team has their own unique way of cooking so no two teams will taste alike.

Tickets will be available at the gate.

Gates open tonight at 4pm with the Kick Off Concert Party with the Eli Young Band.  The cook teams will be getting their grills and smokers ready to start cooking for the competition on Saturday.

Saturday gates open at 10am and the competition will heat up.

Come on out and bring the entire family.  The kids have their very own area to play in with bouncers, activities, crafts and more.

Adults have the Beer Garden, Shopping area, BBQ and live music.

It is going to be a blast.  I hope to see you!