I had the awesome and blessed privilege to attend The Newsboys God's Not Dead Tour last night.  I must say it was AWESOME! 

Anthem Lights opened the show and kicked off the night, and I must say those boys don't stay on the stage.  They were running up and down the aisles and jumping off the stage and bringing their praise to God.

Abandon followed Anthem Lights, and I loved it when their drummer took his snare from the drum kit, moved center stage and just stared banging out awesomeness.  My favorite of their songs last night was Feel It In Your Heart!

City Harmonic, took the stage following Abandon.   Elias Drummer lead singer with City Harmonic, know hows to slam out some great music on his piano.  I don't think I have heard so many people lift up the words AMEN as loud and as proud as they were last night as they were singing along with Manifesto.

Special guest speaker Bob Lenz brought an awesome message to the crowd gathered at the Church at Quail Creek.  It was one of those messages that reminded me of when I was in high school and going to an awesome concert with my youth group and being touched by their message.  We are all awesome in the eyes of the Lord, no matter who we are, what we look like, or our circumstances.  It was a strong message.

Then the highlight of the evening was The Newsboys.  When Michael Tait walked out on the stage the whole place burst out in screams.  Of course once all the screams stopped, and the lights came on I was able to see the entire band looking dapper in their matching suits.

I must admit I was in awe of the music and presentation from the Newsboys.  Michael Tait worked the Catwalk back and forth, and from where I was sitting it was up close and personal!

At one point in time during the evening, Michael Tate was lifted into the air in a cloud of smoke.

Throughout the performance the Newsboys always talked about the saving power of God.  Michael shared his story of how he was saved and not long after that story he just broke out an old loved gospel hymn.  When you break out an old gospel hymn like that you know the entire place will instantly join in, and that is exactly what they did with Nothing But the Blood.

Surprises around every turn, especially when Micheal's former DC Talk band mate took the stage.   Yes, Kevin Max was in the house!  They rocked a little Jesus Freak last night.

I will admit it was awesome to see Kevin Max on stage with the Newsboys but the highlight of the evening belongs to drummer Duncan Phillips.  I will say when I interviewed him earlier in the month, he neglected to tell me that he would be taking a ride on his drum riser.  Oh yes, during the Jesus Freak performance, he was spinning and drumming.

As the night started moving on and they said their goodnight and thank you Amarillo, they walked of the stage.

My son looked at me and said "Mommy they didn't sing God's Not Dead."  He was getting a bit sad and I said wait a minute, they'll be back.

Bam!  They took the stage once again and busted out the title track of their album, God's Not Dead.

What an awesome, powerful, blessed, exciting evening last night for the Newsboy's God's Not Dead Tour.

If you aren't in Amarillo and The Newsboy's are coming to a town near you,  I would highly recommend heading out to the show because it was AMAZING!!!!!

For those of you who did attend the Amarillo show please share your thoughts and pictures with us.