So how often should you wash your jeans?  Do you wash them after each wear?  Do you wash them after a few wears?  Well according to an experiment by Josh Le, you can go a little over a year.

--Josh Le is a student at the University of Alberta, Canada.  He decided to do an experiment where he wore the same pair of jeans for FIFTEEN MONTHS without ever washing them once.

--He says he wanted to break them in so they'd fit perfectly and have nice, unique lines and creases.

--Anyway, after 15 months, he took his jeans to a human ecology professor named Rachel McQueen to test them for bacteria.  And while the swabs turned up five different kinds of bacteria . . . NONE of them posed any kind of health hazard.

--Rachel found the highest concentration of bacteria in the crotch of the jeans.   But they were just regular skin bacteria . . . no E. coli or staph or anything like that.

--She says, quote, "I didn't see any evidence, but that could be unique to Josh.  I mean, he wore underwear, which can be helpful."

(Toronto Star)

So with that knowledge, will you still wash your jeans on a regular basis???