The following video was staged by two guys in a New York elevator.  They dared to pose the question, What would you do?  It is a crazy scenario, a guy murdering another guy in an elevator as the door opens to unsuspecting tenants.

You see multiple reactions to what is going on, most people walk away.  I'm guessing they get away and call 911 after walking out of the view of the camera.  However, other people jump right in and help.


I say kudos to the lady who starts beating the guy with her flowers, or the other lady who starts dragging them both out of the elevator.

I wouldn't want to mess with the bike riders, but what is up with the guy just staring at 1:14.  Serial Killer in the mix?

So now that you have seen this video, what would you do in a situation like this?  I'll be honest, I would run and call 911, I wouldn't stick around.  Does that make me a coward?

Then again I have never been in that situation.