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Happy Birthday to Scotch Tape- Top 10 Best Uses for Scotch Tape
Today is National Scotch Tape Day.  Today is the day we celebrate this sticky clear wonder that makes our lives so much easier.  I mean when scotch tape came on the scene, we no longer had to wrap packages with twine.  We were able to tape down those brown paper edges.  Scotch tape has been a life s…
Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Viewing
I get that we are a society that is busy.  However, are we so busy that we cannot stop to pay our respects to a friend or a loved one that we cannot get out of our car and step into a funeral home?  Well a funeral home in Saginaw, Michigan now offers a drive-thru service to view the body o…
Bride Attaches Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress
I completely understanding wanting to have your kids be a part of your wedding, however, attaching your newborn to your wedding dress probably isn't the way to go.  This bride had her wedding dressed altered so that she could attach her baby to the dress to walk down the aisle.

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