Los Angeles is actually the loudest city in the USA while a Texas city came in second, followed by New York.

For some reason, pickleball courts are a contributing factor in determining how loud a city is.

Other things used to rate loudness were the number of noise complaints, noise disturbances, noise ordinances and fatal car accidents.

What fatal car wrecks have to do with it I can't figure out.

The city of Houston holds the number 2 spot on America's "loud list".

So, what's the deal with pickleball?

The survey adds that the surge in popularity of pickleball, a racket or paddle game where two players smack a hollow ball over a net to each other, has led to the installation of hundreds of outdoor courts to the dismay of many Americans. The number of people playing the game skyrocketing by 159 percent over three years to 8.9 million in 2022, according to USA Pickleball, the national governing body of the sport.

“While it may seem silly to complain about, some residents have to endure the sounds of multiple pickleball courts (90 in Arlington, Va.) being played on consistently throughout the day and night,” the survey says. - thehill.com

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What Were The Top 10 Loudest Cities?

L.A., Houston, New York, Phoenix, Memphis, Newark, Chicago, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Jersey.

At the other end of the spectrum, 2 Texas cities ... Plano and Lubbock ... made the quiet city cut.

That top 10 went like this: Winston-Salem, Santa Clarita, Lincoln, Plano, Virginia Beach, Anchorage, Wichita, Lubbock, Henderson, Greensboro.

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Did El Paso Make Either List?

El Paso didn't make either top 10 list.

I guess because there's too much construction going on for us to be considered "quiet" and, on the loud side, it's too damn hot here to play pickleball.

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