Weird News

Do You Throw Cheese At Babies?
As fads go, I'm usually in. Bell-bottoms, Pet Rocks, and dabbing. I may have even planked, but I draw the line at throwing food, Especially at babies. Yes, meet the latest fad of the decade...throwing cheese slices at babies.
How To Be Irish
St. Patrick's Day is coming this weekend, and it's time for everyone in country, to be Irish. I'm Irish, I mean, look at me. Red hair, translucent skin, green eyes, and I like U2. If you're not Irish, and you want to be, for a day, I'm here to help.
Thankful Amarillo Is Not In Florida
For almost 20 years, I've seen or read, a story, everyday about some wacky dude in Florida, It would make more sense if it were the same guy, over and over again. But's it's always some new guy doing something really stupid. A new level of stupid.

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