Are you looking for expert advice? Are you needing help solving a problem? Is your family arguing over something and you need someone to rule in favor of a side? We are here for you.

One of the Things I Get Asked a Lot is "How Can I Turn in a Dear Melissa Letter?"

We try to make it easy. I mean you want to see your letter in print and hear it on the air. Right? While we may not really be experts we sure can and do love to give you our opinions.

It's part of being our friend. We also let the rest of our listeners chime in. Oh, and do they. A lot of time all the advice given is just great. So go ahead and get your questions ready.

All you have to do after that is give us a call. We have a special Dear Melissa phone line. You can call at any time. Day or night. Did you just get in a fight with your husband and want us to chime in. Don't wait. Head to your room and make that call.

The Number is 806-318-8111

Just remember when you call you are giving us permission to use your voice on the radio. Trust me your friends won't recognize your voice. You are among friends anyway. We got your back.

Then we will take your call and get it ready to playback on the radio. We will also post it on Facebook so you can see how everyone else feels about your problems. Feel free to follow along.

Keep those responses and show your husband our answers. This will either hurt or help you. We will give you our opinion but we can't guarantee we will always be on your side. This is really us trying to help as much as possible.

So please call us and ask us your question. We will be waiting.

Dear Melissa: Should My 12 Year Old Go On A Date?

This fretful father is caught between his fatherly duty and his giggling wife when it comes to his daughter's big date. Should he trust her? Or should he retrieve his shotgun for cleaning?

The catch: she's 12-years-old.

As the day fast approaches, he writes to Dear Melissa to seek answers. Check out what others had to say about his quandary:


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