We are continuing our Best of Dear Melissa. This letter was first published on Facebook on July 12, 2022.

It's always a hot topic when you include the kids. Who is responsible for disciplining the kiddos out in public? What if the parent isn't doing anything to help the situation? Should the parent be the end all be all when it comes to getting the kid to act acceptable out in public?

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If the parent is not doing anything to help, then what? Is it acceptable to go over and take care of the kid yourself? No, I am not saying you can go over and spank them. That would never fly. What about something as simple as telling them to be quiet? Or as this listener wanted to know, can he shush them?

Is that acceptable? Readers didn't necessarily like his approach.

Dear Melissa - Kid Acting a Fool in Restaurant

What would you do if you had unruly kids by you?

Dear Melissa: Should My 12 Year Old Go On A Date?

This fretful father is caught between his fatherly duty and his giggling wife when it comes to his daughter's big date. Should he trust her? Or should he retrieve his shotgun for cleaning?

The catch: she's 12-years-old.

As the day fast approaches, he writes to Dear Melissa to seek answers. Check out what others had to say about his quandary:

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