Last week, the City of Amarillo decided to reschedule the Thompson Park Clean Up Day thanks to what was supposed to be some nasty weather. This weekend, the clean-up day will be made up and the community has a chance to help clean up one of our beloved parks.

Thompson Park Clean Up Day In Amarillo Is This Saturday

The clean-up was rescheduled for this Saturday, April 27. It will only take a little bit of your time, and you'll get the satisfaction of helping clean up one of our beloved spots in town. To get in on the action, you'll need to fill out this online form.

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I know a lot of us spend plenty of time at Thompson Park during the warmer months. My kids love hanging out there, and there is always a ton of people there. We all use and enjoy the space, so we should all do our part to help clean it and keep it that way. That's the big part that some of us have a hard problem with; keeping it that way.

Earth Day In Amarillo

It coincides with several things the City is doing to help us all do our part to take care of our city and spaces for Earth Day. There are also roll-off containers placed around the city if you need a place to dispose of your trash while doing all of that spring cleaning. The best part is that it's for residential use only. No competing with the businesses nearby for space after they clear out pallets and cardboard boxes.

They also remind everyone to mulch and not throw clippings away. As a person who until recently had a dumpster behind their house, please mulch. Nothing is worse than going to throw out the trash and you've got a dumpster crammed full with limbs and lawn clippings. They also remind everyone to contact the City to come pick up bigger, bulkier items. I've used this for a couple of pieces of furniture and it's a pretty simple process.

We all complain about the state of things from time to time; here's an opportunity for us to do something about it.

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