We've all been there at least once in our lives. You're at the park with the kids, when all of a sudden someone has to use the restroom. Thanks to the distraction of park-time fun, it's an emergency. No sweat, you know what to do. You make a mad dash to the restroom, and then disaster strikes. The restroom is closed.

Well, if you find yourself in that situation at an Amarillo park, I've got good news.

Good News, Not Great, About Amarillo's Park Restrooms

Let's start with the good news. The situation I described above may soon be a thing of the past. Heavy emphasis on the may.

A press release went out earlier from the City of Amarillo regarding park restrooms that are closed, and the effort to reopen them. They also posted about it on Facebook.

According to the press release, Amarillo's Parks and Rec Department is currently evaluating timelines on reopening as many of the closed restrooms as possible.

Here's The Hangup With The Restrooms

The press release states that there's a pretty hefty cost associated with the continual maintenance of the restrooms. That's obstacle number one.

Another obstacle is the, as the press release puts it, extensive repairs that will need to be done on some of the restrooms before they're reopened.

That last one bothers me a bit. I suspect, and this wasn't mentioned in the press release, that some of the repairs are needed due to vandalism. For some reason, park restrooms seem to be a magnet for that kind of thing.

You can get more info on the effort to reopen the park bathrooms by following this link to the City of Amarillo's website.

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