Something you hear in Amarillo, Texas constantly is how bad we need rain. So far, we haven't seen a whole lot of rain this spring. Fortunately, this weekend that could change and Amarillo could get some more of that much needed moisture.

Chances For Rain This Weekend In Amarillo, Texas

According to information released by the National Weather Service in Amarillo, Texas, we could possibly see some rain this weekend. Our best chances are going to be tonight going into tomorrow. The downside is that it might come with some scattered storms.

Those storms could supposedly produce some very strong winds and large hail. Make sure you park your car in the garage, if you have one.

I can't remember the last storm we had in Amarillo this year. It seems like they've been really few and far between. While I'm not excited about strong wind and hail, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain.

What Is Storm Season Going To Be Like In Amarillo, Texas?

If you believe the Farmer's Almanac, then it looks like this month is going to be pretty quiet when it comes to storms. There is the potential for a few in the month of May, but the best chances according to them will be in June.

There are several predicted periods of thunderstorms in June on the Farmer's Almanac. You can look at their forecast by following this link. As we head into summer, it would be a good idea to go ahead and make sure you're ready for any severe storms, and possible tornadoes. There have already been several reports of tornadoes touching down in areas of the panhandle this year. Make sure you have a plan and are ready.

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