We've already seen some severe weather in the area, and we still have a lot of summer left to go. That means there's the potential for the flooding we are all familiar with.

Dumas got drenched with rain the other night and the streets were absolutely flooded. You can see a video of it below.

In Amarillo, we're very familiar with our streets flooding. It seems like any time we get a decent amount of rain, certain parts of town are going to flood.

When you're driving in storms, keep in mind the old saying, "Don't drown, turn around."

Driving through high waters is dangerous. If you can't see the road, it's best to find another way to get where you need to go.

As much as it is a pain, you also need to slow down. Impaired vision and the possibility of hydroplaning make it dangerous. Just accept that slowing down will protect you and every one around you.

The National Weather Service puts it rather bluntly. They say to never (they spell it NEVER) drive through flooded roadways. They also have stats on just how little water is actually needed for things to become dangerous.

According to the NWS website, it can take only six inches of water to reach the bottom of most vehicles. That can lead to you losing control of your car, or your car stalling.

As we continue to get storms and severe weather, be smart and be safe. Don't get stranded, or heaven forbid injured in a wreck because you decided that it was no big deal. Better safe than sorry.

As they say, "Turn around, don't drown."


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