We all grew up hearing the horror stories. Razor blades in apples. Poison candy. It's terrifying as a parent. You get wrapped up in all the fun and then the realization that you just let complete strangers hand food to your child sets in.

Here's why you should and shouldn't check your kids candy this year.

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Reasons Why You Should Check Your Kids Candy

For starters, it's just safe. I've done a lot of digging online through instances of candy that had been tampered with, and it has happened in the past.

These instances are few and far between. Majority of the time, it's all urban legends being recycled from one year to the next.

There are instances where prescription drugs somehow got passed out. Even unopened candy winds up with weird stuff inside of it.


Why You Shouldn't Check The Kids Candy

There really isn't a reason not to check. Dump the stuff out, look it over, and be done with it. It isn't likely that something has been done to the candy, but you also never know what might accidentally wind up in their bag either.

Skip the trip to the hospital to have someone x-ray your kids candy. I came across an interesting study that pointed out getting your kids candy blasted with radiation wasn't really an effective way of finding stuff hidden in their holiday treats.

In fact, the study recommended against it. It is Halloween after all, and emergency rooms will be busy. You don't want your kid exposed to all that on Halloween night.

Keep any eye out for local screening programs, if any, and use those. Otherwise, give them a once over yourself. If your kids gets something that isn't sealed, throw it out.

Nice and easy.

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