If you're still looking for fun Halloween events to take the kiddos to, I've got a good one for ya.

Best part is, it's happening Saturday which leaves Sunday wide open for more candy!

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The 'Emergency Trucks & Treats' event is a PERFECT spot for the kiddos to show off their costumes, get some candy and see some cool stuff!

Happening Saturday, October 30 at Amarillo College, there will be first responders on hand filling up the kids bags full of goodies.

They'll also have all sorts of emergency vehicles like firetrucks, police cruisers and ambulances for the kiddos to check out. I mean, how cool is this? The kids are going to get hopped up on candy handed out by those who protect and serve us, and they'll probably get to fire off a couple of sirens.

I can't promise however they'll be allowed to climb the ladder on the firetruck. There might be a liability issue there.

The event will be from 2-4pm on Saturday and the exact location will be at the Amarillo College West Campus. Lot 6 in front of building A is the precise location, but my guess is you'll be able to see the vehicles as you approach it.

Make sure the kiddos get dressed up in their costumes as I'm sure our first responders would love to see all the kids in them. Let's go out, let the kids have a great time and thank our first responders for everything they do! See ya there.

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