The National Weather Service in Amarillo has been pumping out updates all day today about the potential for some wild summer weather this week. While there's that piece of me that thinks of all the hazards and threats associated with severe weather, I'm ready for a good summer storm.

What Are The Storm Predictions For This Week In Amarillo, Texas?

It all starts today going through tonight. They're saying that there is potential for some severe weather including hail, extremely strong winds, and heavy rainfall. The forecast does mention that some isolated flooding could be possible.

The amount of rainfall could be intense. Later this week, on Thursday, they're saying we could be in for another round of potentially severe weather. All in all, it could be a wild week for weather in the Texas panhandle.

Fingers Crossed Things Don't Get Severe, But We Could Use The Rain

All of us are constantly saying it; we could really use the rain. I'm looking forward to potentially sitting on my porch or in my living room with the windows open during a really nice rain. The last time we got rain, it poured on my house and dropped some tiny hail. It didn't last long. Just enough to freak out the dog.

We desperately need rain in the area. Keep the hail, crazy wind, flooding, and other severe risks. Give me a nice Texas panhandle summertime rain.

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