Have you seen the weather forecasts for Amarillo going from this evening into tomorrow? We're starting with red flag warnings (dry, hot, and windy) and ending up with what some have described as "possible blizzard like conditions."

Fire to blizzards in 24 hours. Go home Weather. You're drunk.

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There's a lot of technical weather jargon involved that I'm not going to get into. The important take away is that after a warm, windy day today we're going to be possibly seeing snow tomorrow.

An important distinction to keep in mind, by the way, is that "blizzard like conditions" refers mainly to visibility. It has little to do with how much actual snow we get.

That means it will be windy, cold, snow will be coming down, and visibility will be reduced.

It should go without saying, but tomorrow be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. Travel could be a little dicey in areas.

That's just the snow part of the forecast. We haven't even talked about the storms.

Yes, before we're supposed to see snow in the area we're going to be getting thunderstorms. Some of those could possibly become severe.

The old joke goes that if you don't like the weather in the Texas panhandle, just wait five minutes. You could change that to be if you don't like the season just give it five minutes and we'll be on to the next one.

Stay safe tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully soon Mother Nature will decide on what season it is and stick with it.

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