So here I am like most of you, trapped inside waiting out the Texas Panhandle blizzard.   It's kind of exciting to have an extra day off, but what do you do on an unplanned day?


E. came running in my room this morning, as I'm on my computer helping update cancellations and watching Daybreak on ProNews.  "Momma, were late", he said to me.  "Oh, no we're not, snow day", I screamed.

Of course he started jumping up and down,  "Snow Day, Snow Day, Snow Days are so cool!"  Then he said I'm going back to bed, which he did.

As I worked on some more stuff, updating cancellations, checking emails, it got me thinking what are some of the fun things to do when you get caught at home on a snow day.

E. asked me this morning, "What's for breakfast momma, I want donuts"  Well I'm pretty sure the donut places are closed and if I cannot get out to drive to work, I cannot go get donuts, so what did I do.


I got into the kitchen and made him some blueberry cake donuts.

Photo Courtesy of Lori

Get the recipe here.


Watch Movies

This morning E's movie of choice was Arthur Christmas.  We recorded it on Saturday after it debuted on one of the movie channels.  This is our third time this weekend to watch it. (I'm kinda thankful for leftover laundry I didn't get to)


 Read A Good Book


photo courtesy of Lori

When the blizzard calms down and the wind stops blowing and the sky clears

Build a Snowman