I am a huge fan of the series True Blood.  I have been hooked since the debut of the show 4 years ago.  I have a fascination with the vampire genre since Anne Rice released her books, including Interview with a Vampire.  True Blood is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, call the The Sookie Stackhouse Books.  So it wasn't much of a surprise to my friends and family when I read all 9 of them in less than a month. 

Last season when we left Bon Temps, Bill and Eric had buried the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington in a hole filed with cement.  Bill took his chance to get rid of Eric by doing the same to him.  Luckily, Eric's progeny Pam was able to save him from his cement prison.  Eric then immediately went to Sookie's house to let her in on a little secret about Bill.  Bill was hired by the Queen of Louisana to obtain Sookie.  Sookie immediately kicked Bill and Eric out of her house and out of her life.   Confused about what to do she runs to her grandmother's grave to mourn and question her life only to find her faery Godmother Claudine there ready to take her to the land of the Fae.

Enjoy this sneak peek from this Sunday's premiere.


The True Blood Season 4 premiere is this Sunday, June 26th at 8pm on HBO. If you are not an HBO subscriber you can call Suddenlink to add it to your programming.