I'll admit I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon.  I have read all the books at least 3 times, and I have seen all the movies multiple times.  I cannot wait until Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn hits theaters in November.  However, Stephenie Meyers, the author of the Twilight Saga, wrote another book called The Host and it will make it's way to the big screen in 2013.

Since I read all the Twilight books I thought I would give The Host, a try.  I'll admit at first I could not get into the book.  I put it down and walked away from it for a few months.  After those few months I decided to pick it up again and I am glad I did.

The Host is about a group of alien parasites, who come to Earth, and start taking over the bodies of humans.  These parasites are thousands of years old that hop from planet to planet experiencing the life of those it inhabits.  However, there are a group of humans that live off the radar because they do not want to be taken over by alien life forms.

The story follows one girl, Melanie Stryder who was taken over by an alien yet didn't completely disappear.  She remains trapped with in her body fighting the alien internally.   Then the alien starts feeling more like her host than her alien self.

This is a really great book and I am so excited that they are making it into a movie.  This will be a great sci-fi type movie.

They currently have Saoirse Ronan cast as Melanie Stryder, and I cannot wait to see who else they will be casting.

The movie version of The Host will hit theaters in 2013.