March 27, 1982

I remember playing this song when it was brand new, but I honestly forgot the staying power it had at the time. When this week's #1 hit the radio, every 4 out of 5 calls wanted to hear this song, even if it just played 3 minutes ago,

But before we get to this week's #1, let run down the other 4 songs inside the top five for the week.#5 "Sweet Dreams" by Air Supply.

Since the Eurythmics had a song with the same title, that group added (Are Made Of These) in it's title, as to not confuse the two songs.

#4 "That Girl" by Stevie Wonder

#3 "We Got The Beat" by the Go-Go's

#2 "Open Arms" by Journey

Before we get to the #1 song, here's the orgins from the song from the website, Song Facts:

This was originally recorded by a British group called The Arrows in 1975, and it was written by their lead singer Alan Merrill and guitarist Jake Hooker. Merrill explained in a Songfacts interview how this song came about: "That was a knee-jerk response to the Rolling Stones' 'It's Only Rock 'N' Roll.' I remember watching it on Top of the Pops. I'd met Mick Jagger socially a few times, and I knew he was hanging around with Prince Rupert Lowenstein and people like that – jet setters. I almost felt like 'It's Only Rock and Roll' was an apology to those jet-set princes and princesses that he was hanging around with - the aristocracy, you know. That was my interpretation as a young man: Okay, I love rock and roll. And then, where do you go with that?"

This would be the 2nd week of a 7 week run at #1 .

#1 "I Love Rock 'n Roll" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

By the way, it would actually take a quarter to play a song on a jukebox in 1982.

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